Fairy Godmothers, Anyone?

If you are one of those who still believes the private health insurance industry is there to protect your interests you probably still believe in fairy godmothers, because you are really going to need a fairy godmother when you are sick or injured and the insurance company has to cough up cash.

For a thorough and detailed exposition on the motivations and tactics of disability income insurance carriers such as UnumProvident and Paul Revere, you should read the opinion of U.S. District Court Judge James C. Mahan in Merrick v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, et als, 594 F. Supp 2nd 1168 (D. Nerv. 2008).  It is a clear and convincing scorecard of the ways in which the insurance companies hit their policyholders, especially when they are down.

In the carefully worded, detailed opinion, by Judge Mahan, he finds that the reprehensible conduct of these insurance companies has garnered them “…hundreds of millions if not more…” in benefit dollars at the expense of physically, mentally, emotionally and economically vulnerable individuals (their policyholders).

The judge, after hearing all of the evidence presented by both sides, obviously concluded that the reprehensible conduct toward the clearly disabled plaintiff in the case was “…not the result of accident or inadvertence, but was part of a widespread corporate plan or scheme to augment profits through wrongful conduct targeted at disabled policyholders…”.

He went on to declare that the only conclusion he could draw after hearing all of the evidence and weighing the credibility of witnesses for both sides is that the defendants, Unum and Paul Revere, “…engaged in a widespread corporate plan, and conscious course of conduct firmly grounded in established company policy, to disregard the policyholder-plaintiff’s rights and the rights of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of other policyholders…”

The detailed and thoughtful decision by Judge Mahan puts the lie to opponents of health care reform. The system isn’t functioning for those most in need for it to function fairly, those whose health requires a claim to be made. When you are sick or injured, you are not at your fighting best – and that’s when the insurance sharks start their “delay and deny” act.

If our health system is ever to work properly, insurance companies will have to take seriously their obligations to policyholders and go beyond corporate profits only, “first, last and always”. Insurers will have to give fairness and “peace of mind” to policyholders who will then actually get what they paid for without the unconscionable “scorched earth” policy in regard to claims.

Only those who still believe in fairy godmothers can really believe that anything but government health reform is big enough to force such a change for the better.


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