A box of candy, a pound of cookies, a smiling “Please” or “Thank you”, may be of more help in pursuing a disability income insurance claim than you might think. But, not to the insurance company (though it never hurts to be polite and civil despite the way your claim is treated).

Kathleen, our gal Friday on disability claims, remarked to us the other day that she sometimes notices that our clients who bring a box of candy or some cookies for their doctor’s office staff once in a while, seem to get quicker attention paid to their forms and other insurance claim requests, than those claimants who go empty-handed.

When you think about it, it makes sense. People tend to reciprocate for kindness. Doctors and hospitals and their office staffs are people (even though sometimes their attitude makes one start to doubt it). And, many times these people are inundated by requests from patients and their insurance companies to complete an endless stream of repetitive forms on treatments, diagnosis and costs.

And, as is usually the case, these unglamorous office jobs get little attention from patients because they think they are relatively unimportant. And, they are when it comes to diagnosis and treatment, which is the reason you go to a doctor or hospital in the first place.

But, when your illness or injury becomes a claim for disability, the picture changes. The people who do the billing and the transcribing of reports and the filling out of the endless flow of forms, become the primary focus of your needs because you can bet the insurance company will demand reams of reams of papers from your doctors, before giving your claim serious consideration.

Couple this fact with the usually overworked doctor or hospital business staff, being
hard-pressed with overwhelming demand for information, and it’s easy to see how things can get jammed up.

So, just as in the everyday business world, a kind word or a small gift of appreciation goes a long way toward name recognition and a desire to reciprocate for kindness. In an overwhelmed office, if you are not one of the crowd and you have been pleasant to deal with, your file may just be moved to the head of the list of things to be done.

As in everything else, it never hurts to show appreciation.


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