Ups And Downs

One wonders when in a happy mood writing a blog around a major holiday whether others, not so fortunate, have the same feelings of joy and expectation. Should one write for those who are up or those who are down?

While facing this dilemma this holiday season, we decided to compromise – try to say something that will apply to both sides of the holiday equation – the happy ones, the sad ones and the ones in between.

In fighting with insurance companies for the benefits policies purportedly promise their beneficiaries, we have discovered the secret of being – NEVER GIVE UP! And, this goes for living in general.

Down through the years, we have noticed that we can be on the balls of our bottoms one day and on top of the world the next. Life has a habit of changing one’s status without warning of any kind.
We deal with people who are frequently on the lowest rung of life’s ladder because they are seriously disabled and cannot work and earn a living for themselves and their family.
What could be worse than being ill or disabled (for how long, you are not certain) and not being able to bring in money for food or rent?

On top of that, your salvation is in the hands of a disability insurance company which, in effect, makes its money by not paying people in your circumstances.
We have been in those situations many times with our clients. The present looks bleak and the future looks even bleaker.

And then, without warning, things change. The insurance company, for reasons known only to itself, decides to give your case some priority or launches a new review of your claim and comes up with a positive result for you.

After years of fighting and deep disappointment, your world gets brighter in a split second. How does it happen? No one knows. But, if you aren’t in the game when the change hits, you are out of luck.

The reverse is also true. You may be sitting on top of the world in regards to family, occupation and life in general. Without warning, illness or injury strikes and your world is turned upside down in an instant.

The world is constantly changing and your lot changes with it. There are people who are at the top of the world today who will be in the dumps tomorrow. There are people who seem without hope today who will be at the zenith of their lives tomorrow.

Why and how does this happen? We can’t say. Is there a Supreme Force or is it the luck of the draw? No one knows for sure.

But, what we do know for sure is that in disability insurance claims, the same as in life, if you are not in it, you can’t win it.

So, ring the bells, light the candles, sing the songs, but hang in. Your moment in the sun may be the very next one.

Enjoy the holidays and always look forward to better times.





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