Disability Insurance Discouragement

Some short term disability insurance carriers seem to have become enamored of a new excuse for stopping disability benefits:

                                       “You were fired so you lose your benefits.”

We had just completed the task of convincing a carrier that their policy gave it no authority to stop benefits because a covered employee was terminated, when we took on another case on behalf of another policyholder against another carrier on the same issue.

Is this the new ploy companies are adopting to discourage disability income claims?

This tactic is patently ridiculous. If this insurance company interpretation of policy language is accepted, what protection would a policy offer?

* You become employed and as part of your employment, you are made a beneficiary of your employer’s ERISA benefits plan.
* You become disabled and can’t work.
* You start receiving short term disability benefits.
* You are terminated by your employer.
* The insurance company stops paying benefits because your employment was terminated.

It would be almost comical if it were not so serious for the disabled employee and his or her family. Most likely they are without income and have few resources to meet their daily living expenses except for the benefits they are receiving. On top of that the breadwinner is injured or ill, making the future uncertain. It is at that point the insurance company piles on by making the ludicrous claim that because the employee was fired while receiving benefits, the employee is no longer covered and benefits are halted.

What a Catch-22 for an employee!

* An employer pays a premium based upon the insurer’s benefits experience with the employer.
* An employee gets sick and can’t work.
* Insurer starts to pay disability benefits.
* Employer, worried about premiums going up, fires employee.
* Insurer says employee no longer works at employer and is no longer eligible for benefits.
This tactic would surprise someone who doesn’t deal with disability insurance carriers all of the time. But, we who deal with them daily, hardly react because we see insurers weaseling on claims all of the time. If there is a chance the company might discourage the claimant, it tries to do so.

Misinterpreting the language of policies is a major weapon in the disability income benefits denial arsenal. Others are:

* Losing claim paperwork.
* Dubious medical reports from highly paid doctors who don’t even examine the claimant they are reporting on.
* Following the claimant with video cameras.
* Overlooking facts supporting the claim.

The list could go on and on. Suffice it to say that a person with an ERISA claim should protect against these disability insurance ploys by talking with an attorney who knows them and deals with them all of the time.
Don’t give up because the insurance company makes it tough for you.
Making it tough is their first line of defense. They will try it every time.












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