A Heartfelt New Year's Wish

It’s time to lift our head from our writing chores, look around and see where we have been and where we are going. A Happy and Healthy New Year Everybody!

As we approach the end of 2013, we have noticed that we are approaching a milestone – 200 full size blog posts about ERISA, insurance companies, disability claimants and related materials. That output is enough words to fill a full size hard cover book! Did we really have that much to say about ERISA and private disability claims? We did.

The question is – were those words helpful to people who needed guidance or information about ERISA and disability insurance and how to make claims in a way that will survive the land mines insurers seed in the path to benefits?

We certainly hope so. We represent only disability income insurance claimants – ERISA and private. Never in 35 years have we fought for an insurance company or an employer against a disability claimant. So, our posts primarily aim at informing and advising those making claims.

We’ll never know if our posts actually do inform unless people ask us questions or tell us about their experiences. The little insurance tricks and traps we are aware of can break the back of a perfectly valid disability claim, leaving the insured without a job or an income – maybe forever. What a depressing prospect, especially as we look forward to the New Year.

Despite what insurers and employers seem to think, disabilities are not high on an insured’s wish list. “Good health” is the toast most often drunk by most people on the holidays and throughout the year. Why do insurance companies almost automatically assume that a disabling illness or injury is something an insured wanted or needed?

Let’s start fresh. Let’s regain our enthusiasm. Let’s pump up our drive to keep letting the world know what really goes on in ERISA and disability land. Only then will the people we care about gain full advantage of the knowledge and experience they need to successfully manage an ERISA or disability claim.

So, our most profound New Year’s wish for each of you is that you will never need our services because you have becomes disabled and unable to work. Stay healthy and keep laboring at whatever you do.

But, if should ever need us, we’re here for you.



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