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It was brought to our attention by a reader of an April 17 blog entry about ERISA discretionary clauses that there is a need in the disability insurance business for an easy way for people having business with state insurance regulators to have access to names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

This information is necessary not only to people who have complaints or suggestions for the insurance regulator in their state, but also for insurance agents and brokers for remote licensing and for attorneys who may have business or questions for the regulator.

As a service to claimants, lawyers, insurance agents and brokers we have established on the firm web site, a handy address book for all 50 states giving the pertinent information concisely.

Knowing that the information in this address book is a fluid entity, we will have the information in the address book updated periodically so that the data is not stale. We also intend to update the address book with specific addresses and phone numbers for licensing, etc. if the need arises.

So, hoping it is helpful, we offer state insurance regulators.





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