Pull In The Welcome Mat




If an adjustor or other agent of your disability income insurer wants to talk with you as a claimant, talk. But, there is no way you should invite the agent into your home or office. Meet the agent at your lawyer’s office with your lawyer present.

By the very nature of the insurer-claimant relationship, it is obvious the insurer is not your friend. Therefore, neither is the insurer’s employee, the adjustor.

An adjustor may try to charm you into a “convenient” visit to your home just to get “your view” of your claim. Don’t fall for this line. The adjustor works for the insurance company which is trying its “darndest” to reject your claim or at least find some reason for reducing it.

Why host a meeting at your home or office which will give your adversary a leg up on how you live, what you own and how tough an adversary you are likely to be? Also, acting as a “host” you are less likely to carefully scrutinize the statement that the adjustor is likely to write as you talk and ask you to sign.

If the adjustor wants to talk, your policy requires you to cooperate and talk. But, the time and place of the discussion has to be mutually agreed upon.

The best place for such a meeting is your lawyer’s office with your lawyer acting as host.