When You Need An ERISA Lawyer, Get One

You may not always need a lawyer when making a legal claim, but when you do, you really, really do need one. This is particularly true in ERISA and disability claims against insurance companies. Why?

Because they employ armies of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers and claims adjusters who all have one purpose in mind – to destroy your claim ASAP so they can keep the money your claim represents. It is in the very nature of insurance claims because insurance is a business and all businesses are after profits.

Insurance companies fight claims like yours a thousand times a day.
                      You get only one shot to get it right.

Because fighting claims such as yours is all they do day in and day out, these insurance company minions know ERISA and disability insurance law and how to use this knowledge to try to sink your claim.

That’s why you need an attorney who handles ERISA and insurance law day in and day out. Why should you, as a claimant, use an attorney who is unfamiliar with the law and the procedures necessary to successfully file and prosecute a claim, while your enemy, the insurer, has knowledgeable experts defending it?

Insurance claims, by their nature, are usually hotly contested because insurance companies make money by not paying. Being profit oriented, they have many ways to get around a claim. They study these methods and use them without compunction whenever the opportunity arises.

Some of their common methods are:

  • Getting you to “wimp” out.
  • Subjecting you to a “no see’em” IME.
  • Losing your paperwork.
  • Asking for more and more paperwork.

This is only part of the arsenal insurers use to fight claims like yours each and every day. And, you can be sure that if you make a claim, the insurance company’s natural instinct it to deny it by using any or all of the methods listed above.

Know this for sure: When you make claim, be prepared for a battle to the bitter end.

That way you’ll be neither surprised nor disappointed.