Hope Springs Eternal...

We come to the end of another year and nothing much has changed for disability income insurance claimants.

* Insurance companies are just as focused on denying claims as they ever were.
* Disabled policyholders are still put through a “meat grinder” when it comes to trying to establish a claim.
* Insurers maintain their “gotcha” attitude, nit picking at every little item they can lay their fingers on to try to build a case for denial.
* None of the big boys – UNUM, Prudential, MetLife, Cigna seem to be improving their claim “approval” scores.
* “Independent” Medical Exam (IME) doctors still mainly feed at the insurance company table, making it extremely unlikely that they are “independent”.
* People who earn a living by working or in the professions still are getting short shrift from insurers at the worst time in their lives – when they become disabled and have no income.

With all of the advances in technology over the past dozen years, one would hope for even a smidgen of an advance in the social outlook of insurance companies vis-a-vis their insureds.
No such luck. The ages old insurance battle is still a battle.

What we can do about it is what we have always done about it – give our clients what we see as the best legal advice and help and as much moral support as we possibly can.

What we can hope for is a realization by the insurance industry that unreasonable reluctance to pay disabled policyholders, who are down and out, what their policies call for, is immoral and not in their long term best interests.

A New Year brings new hope, forlorn as it may be.