Kudos to Kathleen

Most plaintiffs’ disability income insurance lawyers are aware of the heightened emotional and psychological needs of their clients – up to a point. Our Kathleen takes up whatever slack our clients miss in the way we communicate with them.

Although attorneys in the disability field know that their clients are usually in pain, economically behind the 8-ball and aching for some one to talk to them about all aspects of their case, attorneys are not always able to spend all of the time on the phone some clients think they require.

That’s where Our Kathleen comes in. She is a paralegal who is knowledgeable about the factual requirements of properly pursuing a disability income claim. But more than that, she seems to have a natural empathy about the human needs of the people filing such claims. And, she makes the time to talk to clients and prospective clients who call our office and need a “listener” who cares, shares and wants to help.

Every attorney in plaintiffs’ disability insurance work would do well to make sure they have an “Our Kathleen” on staff to alleviate some of the stress their clients are feeling as they pursue their claim under the most trying circumstances.

That’s if you can find another Kathleen.