Give Us A Break

We wonder how the naysayers in Congress would act if they lost their health insurance as so many have in this recession? Would the members be so sanguine when it comes to cost and coverage and finally bringing health car costs and the insurance companies to account?

It’s easy to say no when you have a health insurance policy which covers you and your family for everything and anything and doesn’t cost you one thin dime. When you are up on a mountain, the flood doesn’t bother you nearly as much as those who live by the river.

Just to emphasize how this works, take ERISA. Although just about every other group health policy in the nation is covered by ERISA, Congress exempted Federal (this includes Congress) and State employees from ERISA provisions.

So, those who have the good fortune to be employed by the government, do not have the burden of dealing with the discretionary clause, the one which gives the group plan administrator, usually the insurance company which pays the claim, the first right to decide if a claim is valid.

Talk about a stacked deck!

Why should government employees be exempt from this provision which has plagued the rest of the ERISA disability population for decades? If as the Constitution says, we are all created equal under the law, why aren’t we insured “equal” under the law?

Come on, Congress. You have a great health plan that we, the taxpayer, pays for.

What about the rest of us?