Don't Be A White Bread Sandwich




Now that we are coming down the home stretch on the Congressional vote on health care reform, the hucksters are getting their baloney machines into high gear. Us guys who are just ordinary folks have to watch out to see that we don’t get slapped between two slices of white bread, doused in mustard and swallowed whole in the barrage of half truths and slanted statements by the people who don’t want change – our friends the health insurance industry. They just have it too good.

An article we posted just a few days ago (What You Can Do For Your Country) becomes more and more important as the battle heats up. Television and newspapers will be filled with pro and con position papers espousing the propaganda of whichever side is footing the bill. The best advertising and public relations minds are hired to press the public’s buttons so as to build support for their side.

We thought of a way to level the playing field in the struggle to come up with a fair law that would do the trick for most Americans:

Prior to Congress undertaking the job of writing a health bill, all of their governmental health coverage should have been canceled with a proviso that when they passed legislation, they would be covered by the new plan which they enact, and would have to pay health premiums for their respective policies out of their own pocket.

Only then, when they were in the same position as the rest of us, could they really act in the interest of all and come up with a fair program for the American people. But, it just ain’t gonna happen.

Many people seem to fall for the “Socialism” and “big government” labels fostered by the insurance company funded ads. But, what is Medicare, if not a “big government” run health care system? Yet, not one of those ads will say a negative word about Medicare because the American people have seen it in action and they know it works.

So, as we said a few days ago, first, it is vital to check who is behind any statement made by any individual or organization in this fight. A group may have a name that sounds strictly neutral – but are they? Know the real people and organizations behind the statement and you’ll be able to evaluate it properly.

Second, is to listen carefully to what is being said. If a statement says nothing more than “big government”, “Socialism” and “health czar”, it offers no help to you in evaluating the merits of the proposal. These are catch phrases which seemed to work before to defeat what the insurance companies don’t want and they are hoping it works again. Don’t allow it.

Evaluate arguments based on more than slogans because the health care issue is of vital importance to you and your fellow Americans. Health care costs are breaking the economy and threaten to become a full-blown economic disaster in just a few years if we don’t try to do something about it now. If each of us is not willing to consider sacrificing a little bit now, we could very well lose it all in the near future.

The false ogre of government-run health care is a false god. Look at Medicare, Armed Forces medical care and the Veterans Administration programs. They are clearly government-run and are operating just fine for many millions of Americans. Why can’t a government program fashioned on these examples operate just as well as an alternative to private insurance? Where is the proof that it wouldn’t?

With the vote in Congress on health care reform not due until some time in September, the health insurance companies have more than a full month to bombard Americans with propaganda that talks about everything but the real issues:

* Refusal to cover those with preexisting conditions
* Escalating health insurance premiums which fewer and fewer can afford
* 45 million Americans without any coverage at all
* A serious illness can bankrupt the average uninsured family

Any new law must deal with the real issues in the interest of all of us. Your input to your representatives in Congress will have a lot to do with the outcome. Don’t follow the insurance company party line – do what’s really good for you and the rest of us.