We're Not Supposed To, But...

We know we are not supposed to blow our own horn in a blog, but we are so proud that we must tell you what recently happened to us:

We have been listed on a lawyer ranking web site for some time now, AVVO, and never paid much attention to it. We just posted our picture and minimal info on our background. 

At the urging of one of our partners, we were prevailed upon to try to get some idea of what past and present clients thought of our legal services.

On 6/29/12, we wrote a simple email to 15 former and /or present clients, asking for their

view of the services they had received:

Hi (Name of Client) —
I hope you are well.
I have a favor to ask.
I wonder if I could ask you to contribute a client evaluation of me to AVVO at the link below:
(Link Omitted)
In the internet age, these things are very important to lawyers, so your input is greatly appreciated.
Thanks!  Mike.

   To our surprise, as of today (7/19/12), AVVO had received 14 responses out of the 15  we had requested.

All we did was send out the above email to some clients and former clients and ask for their evaluation of us and our law firm.  There were no other instructions, follow-up calls or communications of any kind.  The client-respondents were strictly on their own.

In fact, we didn’t know there were any responses until AVVO notified us that 9 client responses had been received within 3 days of our request.  We looked at them on the AVVO web site http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/07601-nj-michael-quiat-841919/reviews.html. and saw them for the first time.  We really were overwhelmed by them.

What these responses showed us is that clients do appreciate and understand the time and effort we put into a case on their behalf.  People, even if they are clients, are still people and they appreciate being treated with respect by lawyers and office staff.  Prompt response to questions and concerns helps relieve client stress and makes the lawyer-client relationship a more positive experience for both.

This is particularly true for disabled clients who are typically unable to work and whose lives are dependent on the success or failure of their disability claims. 

Although most lawyers always strive to do their best for clients professionally and in the day-to-day business of legal representation, it does wonders for the morale of the attorney and the staff for clients to show their appreciation as they did for us and our staff when we asked for their feelings about us in an email. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!